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Deer Valley Squadron History

The squadron known today as Deer Valley Composite Squadron 302 resulted from combining two squadrons. Luke Senior Squadron 302 was chartered in 1957. Deer Valley Cadet Squadron 307 merged with Luke Senior Squadron 302 in 1985 to become Deer Valley Composite Squadron 302.

The original squadron 302 patch was similar to the current one. Though a color image of the previous patch has not been found, it featured an eagle as its major design element.

The current squadron patch was designed and adopted in 2017.

On a blue circle inside a silver circle, there is a red chevron and a black hawk with its wings spread and outlined in silver. In its talons, the hawk holds three silver arrows outlined in black. In the ring between the center and outer circles, the words "Deer Valley Composite Squadron 302" are at the top and the word "Blackhawks" is at the bottom, both in blue lettering.

The significance of the colors and symbols used in the design include:

  • Hawk – one who does not rest until the objective achieved

  • Red chevron on blue – protection and defense

  • Arrows – readiness for battle

  • Red (gules) – eagerness to serve one’s country

  • Blue (azure) – the sky, truth and loyalty, steadfastness

  • Black (sable) – constancy

  • Silver/gray (argent) – peace and sincerity

See Capt. Fuqua or Maj. Fry to purchase a squadron patch, which is available for $5.

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